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How to enjoy

We will tell you the recommended sightseeing information of this facility.

There are various facilities around this ryokan, and depending on the season and time, you will be able to enjoy it again.And I hope you enjoyed and enjoyed the sightseeing.
  • spring

    • Mountain hotel azalea

      The azalea of ​​Yamano Hotel is superb.
      You can enjoy from late April to mid-May.
    • Cherry blossoms at night in Miyagino

      The night cherry blossoms in Miyagino are fantastic and the best!
    • Hakone Shrine

      New Year, Hakone shrine, Hatsumode.
  • summer

    • Capital letter yaki festival

      Every year on August 16, the capital festival is held as a spy of the tray.
      You can see from the whole facility of our group.

      There is also entertainment at Gora.
    • Hydrangea train

      You can enjoy hydrangea trains from mid June to early July.

      Especially lighted up, hydrangea is very beautiful.
    • Thousand Falls Waterfall

      If it is this hot summer day, you can keep it cool.

      Please listen to the waterfall's water sound and feel a cool breeze.
  • autumn

    • Autumn Sengokuhara Susukinohara

      Hara of the fall of Sengokuhara Japanese pampas grass, ears of pampas grass that trail in silver is very fantastic.

      Every year in February I do burning the field.

      You can also enjoy the spring green carpet.
    • Choanji Temple

      Why do not you come to Chang'anji to see me?
    • Autumn leaves

      Sounzan Station, please enjoy departing, Owakudaniya autumn leaves.

      Autumn leaves, Nanakamado, leaves, beech, etc.,

      Multicolored trees spread to the campus.
    • Hakone Museum of art

      Hakone Art Museum is a sight of moss and autumn leaves.

      You can enjoy the world of Wabisabi every season.
    • You can take a sightseeing ship and travel around the lake.

      Fresh, clear, clear air, clearly visible Mt. Fuji.

      Torii shining bright red.

      You can take a sightseeing ship and travel around the lake.
    • Mountain train

      The climbing train of autumn leaves can spend time relaxingly with refreshing air, clear mountain ranges, switchbacks.
  • winter

    • Daimyo procession

      November 3 is the annual Anniversary of the Daimyo.

      People who are old-fashioned, costumes go hand in hand with "down, down".

      You can enjoy time slip for a moment.
    • Nigoriyu

      After all, Nigori-yu is the best!

      The source sprinkling warms up to the core of the body.

      It is a blissful hot spring.
    • Historic spot

      How about a journey around the historical sites leisurely in winter?

      The maiden in the Irish gun, the inside of the Sekisho recreates the historical evidence of the time
    • Winter capital letters

      I am lucky if I can clearly see the large letters wrapped in snow.

      Please wish with your heart.

      There may be good things.