【Official Lowest Price 】Milky Onsen Inn Yamadaya【Hakone Gora Onesen】

Located on a hill at an altitude of 800m, this inn has a great view of Hakone Gairinzan (outer rim of a crater) 180 degrees.

Enjoy the bountiful white Nigori hot water

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We will tell you the recommended sightseeing information of this facility.

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Hotel Name

Milky Onsen Inn Yamadaya


1320-907 Gora, Hakone Town, Ashigarashimo County

Telephone number



Tomei Atsugi IC ~ Odawara Atsugi Road Hakoneguchi IC Rai Hakone direction about 25 minutes.
Transfer from Hakone Tozan Railway End Gora Station.

Pick-up presence (condition)
We will pick you up from 15:00 to 18:00 check-in time and from 8:30 to 10:00 check-out time.
Please call me when you arrive at Gora Station or Sounzan Station.
Because the pick-up car is for 6 passengers, we will pick you up in case of a large number of passengers divided into several times.
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    The Hotel Kasansui only 10 rooms, is a small inn standing on the hill.
    The "spring flowing directly from the source", which is popular with repeaters, will relax your body from the core of your daily fatigue.
    Why don't you experience the morning when you wake up with the birdsong, which is rich in nature?

Yamadaya Nigoryukai is a long-established inn located in Hakone Gora.

  • Hot spring colors that change with the seasons

    At one time, it changes to white milky color, and at other times, it changes to various colors such as blue-white and brown-white.
    We hope you enjoy the "Nigori-yu", which shows different expressions as the seasons change and the times change.
  • Three facilities are scattered around Sounzan Station

    Yamadaya, Hanagokoro and Kasansui facilities can all be reached within a few minutes from Hakone Cable Car Station.
    Transfer service is also available for pre-booked guests.
  • Opportunity to get close to wild birds

    Wild birds visit the Yamadaya all year round.
    Many wild birds such as “Yamagara”, “Shijukara”, “Kogera”, and “Kawahirawa” will entertain your eyes.

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